So you love the outdoors, but you are in the middle of the frozen plains, and it only gets up to 20 degrees F on a good day. If ice fishing seems too sedentary and snowmobiling is a tad too gearhead, try strapping some spikes to your feet and swinging a lethal-looking pick at a column of ice.

Silo ice climbing returned to Iowa earlier this winter, and the site, located on a farm just west of Cedar Falls (see the official site here) hosted a collegiate tournament in January ( for video, see .

Here’s the concept: Take an 80-foot grain silo, run a hose to the top so it trickles water down in the 20-degree-or-less temperatures. Within a few days, you have the area’s largest icicle. Climbing ensues.

I haven’t had a chance to try hacking my way to the top of one of these yet, but I did shoot some video of the tournament. See it here.