(NOTE: This is a re-post of an earlier blog entry. It was originally written in November 2008 and re-posted here for archival reasons)

After too many years, the web pages for the Skulldiggers Guild are undergoing a change.

The pages had been hosted by AOL, but AOL recently decidedto quit hosting webs pages, leaving thousands of customers out in the cold. Apparently the company is moving away from its original focus of being an internet service and content provider and toward being an internet portal,something like Yahoo and Google. This way, it would collect money from advertising instead of from offering actual services.

Anyway, what this means for the Guild is that most of thepages will have rotten internal links while we retool. This will be in the shortrun (hopefully). In the long run, we hope, this will mean better web pages andnewer features as we are no longer bound by AOL’s limited browser builder. Itwill take a little time and work to get this raw html programmingdown.