There’s a calm in watching the rain that I’m usually too busy to enjoy.

On any given rainy day, I’m normally darting from place to place with too many assignments and appointments on my mind. I keep thinking of how it would be nice to stop for a few minutes and watch the the drops stream down the windshield or put on a jacket and go hiking through a forest for an afternoon.

Today I’ve got time to spare. I have the rest of the day off, and it’s raining (there’s some sort of relationship there). The rain has axed my main task, cleaning the gutters, so I head off to pick up my 7-year-old son from his summer program early.

But I’m too early, and his group hasn’t returned from his field trip (this time to the cinema for the Marmaduke movie). I wait at the elementary school that serves as the program’s base of operations. There isn’t a forest to go hiking in, so I lean against the window and watch the heavy rain soak the lawn and playground.