Zoltar keeps scaring my 3 year old.

She first saw the robotic fortune telling gypsy in a downtown Dells storefront and slowly backed up with a cautious stare. When big brother ponied up a few coins for a cryptic reading, she climbed up mom and watched from a safe height.

The next pass, an hour or so later, she steered a wide path around him. Then on the third time, Zoltar started talking and moving inside his box. The 3 year old stopped in her tracks and jumped, wide-eyed.

That afternoon, she came across another Zoltar, this time at Tommy Bartlett’s Exploratory (formerly Tommy Bartlett’s Robot World). It’s difficult to tell her reaction because she was already in the middle of her daily toddler fit. The amusing part of the fit was she tried to backtrack through the building but got stuck in the hall of mirrors. It isn’t a big hall, and she kept running circles around a mirrored column until she got tired and sat down to rest.

The following day a Zoltar was waiting for her in a restaurant at a chokepoint on the way to the restroom. Good thing mom was there.