Random scenes and thoughts from the fair:

— With expert skill, a carnival worker uses a 13-gallon bucket of water to make quick work of a pile of vomit splattered on the asphalt outside the Gravitron. He disburses it with one well-placed splash, driving it under a fence. The ride is back in operation within minutes.

— It was Kids Day. Kids get in free, and there’s a special on ride wristbands. Even so, the day cost almost three figures.

With the normal cost of a ride, the bands paid for themselves within half an hour. For the 3 year old, there was just something about going on Barrels of Fun over and over again. For the 8 year old, it was a back-to-back Gravitron marathon after eating a funnel cake (no that wasn’t his vomit).

— Cool midway prize: 2-foot-tall inflatable skeleton.