I still remember my walks to school when I was in junior high. The one-mile path went up and down some of the only hills in north Davenport. Sometimes it was in the rain. Sometimes in the snow.

What helped pass the time was a set of headphones that were jacked into a Walkman. Def Leppard’s Pyromania was usually the cassette. In high school, it kept me entertained during long family van rides to Arizona and California.

Fast forward (no pun intended) to my 20s. Looking for something to stave off the monotony of jogging, my wife and I pulled into the Best Buy on Two Notch Road in Columbia, S.C. We picked out new Walkmans (men).

The tape player was excellent, the FM radio worked sometimes, and the clock was usually wrong.

But they kept us moving through Camden and Sumter and back to the Midwest.

Now the Walkmans are at an end.

I still have mine and a bunch of old tapes, but Sony recently announced it plans to quit making the personal cassette stereo.

My wife and I upgraded to digital music awhile ago.

I decided to go with a Walkman mp3 player.