Photo: Snowed-in bikes at the university. (c) J.S. Reinitz

We survived the “Great Blizzard of 2011,” although in our part of the woods it was more like the “Above Average Snowfall of 2011.”

Some of the rural highways were blocked by drifts, and there was a lot of snow. But we didn’t see the apocalyptic stuff they had in Chicago and the East Coast.

The storm hit Tuesday night, and when I got up the next morning, there wasn’t too much on my car. The city plows hadn’t yet made it to our block, so I spent a few minutes spinning my wheels trying to get down the street — go a few feet forward, back up a little bit, go forward a few more feet, back up. I drive a Pontiac Vibe, which sucks in the winter, and leaving for work before 7 a.m. probably doesn’t help matters.

Finally I made it to a plowed cross street, and it was easy traveling from there.

By the time I returned home from work, our street was plowed, minus a snow bank in front of our curb shaped like a run-down Taurus our neighbor drives.

Schools were closed Wednesday — the following day — for a “snow day,” which was a good idea. But the day before the blizzard they were closed for a “going to snow day.” And then on Thursday — two days after the storm — schools started two hours late for a “roads are all plowed but we still can’t believe how much snow we got delay.” Earlier this winter, schools were closed for an “average snowfall snow day,” and in the past they’ve had “cold days” and “fog days.”

Anyway, there’s so much more to write, but it’s snowing again, and I have to keep up with the shoveling.