They told us he was evil incarnate, the worst of the worst. For more than 10 years, they told us he lived in a cave, plotting the destruction of the western world.

Well, now we know the truth.

Bin Laden wasn’t planning future terrorist strikes from a cave. He was planning from a wall three-story, $1 million compound on the outskirts of a city in Pakistan (that was for about five years, the two years before that he was apparently renting). He had all the amenities, flush toilets, electricity, three wives, even a cool trash-burning area.

It sounds like somebody owes cave dwellers an apology.

Just because some people who spread terrorism lived in caves, doesn’t mean that all people in caves are terrorists. Cave dwelling is an ancient lifestyle, predating political terrorism. And it has always been a peaceful lifestyle (well, OK, there were the mammoth hunts, those could get bloody, but aside from that).

Charity and service to mankind are two of the pillars of cave dwelling (actually, they are more like stalagmites).

Let us hope that never again will people hide in caves as a way to spread terrorism.