I finally got those banner ads on the top of the site to go away. I also did some minor tinkering.

After that, I spent most of the morning trying to get the lawnmower, an ancient Toro, to work after a long winter hibernation.

I changed into by grubby pants (ratty cargos with holes in the slash pockets) and old yard-work shoes, Filled the mower with gas, checked the oil, pulled the cord a few dozen times to get it started.

No luck.

Messed around with it some more and tried another dozen pulls. Nothing.

Let it sit for awhile and puttered around with other stuff. Put up something on the swing set for the kids.

Tried again. Still nothing.

After more tinkering and pulling, I gave up and changed back into my non-grubby clothes to run some errands. Before driving off,  I decided to give it one last chance. It started on the second pull. Not wanting to risk having to do it all over again, I went straight to moving the lawn in my good clothes, leaving a nice green film on my sneakers.

So, I got the lawn done, but my right hand is ripped up from all the failed starts, and my shoulder is numb. It’s hard to type.