View of Portland from the OHSU tram platform.

Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2011

PORTLAND, OR — After two full days of driving and sightseeing, we decided to have a low-impact day at our base city.

It was low-impact until we started driving through city traffic, dodging semis, negotiating construction and keeping an eye out for the ever-present bicyclists who zip around the crowded streets.

In the morning, we took the sky tram. It was a quick trip, but the view of the city below was worth it. The tram isn’t anything fancy. It links the Oregon Health and Science University on the hill to the lower city, and staff can ride free. The rest pay $4 for a round trip (actually, they only check your tickets going up, some you could probably ride down for free). The 4 year old was nervous at the start of the ride but then became intrigued by the scenery. The platform at the top also had a good vantage point of the city.

Lunch was microwave fare in the hotel room. Again, low impact, and they actually ate it all.

The afternoon was the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

More photos at our gallery. Also, stay tuned for a tram video.