This week I’m saying goodbye to an old friend. After a few years strapped to my back (and a few more years stored in the basement) the Kelty Base camp child carrier is headed off to another home.

The backbpack, which seats child up to 45 pounds in the most organically way possible, was one of the first things we bought after the birth of our son. As soon as he was big enough to ride, we’d strike off on weekend mornings to explore parks, hike greenbelts and circumnavigate lakes. Halfway through the journey, I’d pop him out and let him climb around and play. Sometimes he’d opt for to walk back.

The carrier had a low-profile pouch for snacks and water bottles. And I’d hook up plastic teething chains (we called them “baby biners”) to keep him from dropping his sippy cup.

My son has long since grown to handle hikes under his own power. My daughter never liked the carrier (although she loved the jogging stroller) and is becoming a good walking buddy herself.

So the backpack is going off to my brother who has a) a baby, and b) much more interesting terrain to hike up in the Northwest.