More to come

On the banks of the Mississippi River, across from the Rock Island Arsenal and tucked between a bike path and train tracks, stands an odd collection of concrete arches and towers.
The structures represent a sampling of different architectural designs that graced the area at one time of another. There are curved metal trunks paying homage to Native American wickiup huts of pre-Colombian times. There’s also the trussed roof of a Civil War era fort. And giant triangles representing … I can’t remember.
My favorite was the historical brick tower that stands above it all. It looks like part of a medieval castle, but its is supposed to conjure up images of Victorian buildings.
The Midwest doesn’t have many castles.
I kept scoping out the different features of the tower’s bricks trying to figure out a good free climbing route.
The kids climbed on the shorter pieces, but I thought tackling the tower would have been pushing it.