Happy New Year!

The staff at Assorted Skullduggery would like to take this opportunity to thank our readers/viewers for dropping by in 2011. It was a busy year for us, and we published 97 entries. We had a blast and tried a lot of new things including posting film clips and adding live video feeds, which turned out to be some of our biggest draws.

Below is a list of our top seven entries from 2011 (as measured by our hosting service, results are from 1/1/2011 to 12/28/2011). Bears and birds and boat were popular.

We also had a lot of readers check out our older posts (written before 2011 but viewed during the 2011 calendar year), so there’s a top-eight list for that at the bottom.

Top Posts of 2011

1) Live Video: Polar Bear Cam — More readers tuned in to watch the polar bear migration in Canada than anything else.

2) Photo: Winter kayaking — Charles City opened its whitewater course in 2011, and we had a shot of one of the organizers trying out the waves while construction was still under way.

3) Video link: Eagle cam — Another video feed. Viewers followed a family of bald eagles from hatching to leaving the nest. This was a large nation event, and we were happy to be able to help share it.

4) Live Video: Space Station — Sunrises and sunsets from the International Space Station, also interior shots of people floating past and cool spaceman banter in English and Russian. This one is pulling in some good numbers. We’ve only had it on our blog for less than a month.

5) Island hopping — Exploring local islands without a boat.

6) Photo: Circle of life — Picture of a bird eating another bird.
7) Boat trip — Photo of rescue boat training in the fog.

Top Older Posts

Snow Henge, from 2010
Caterpillar, from 2010
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Goldfinch Anniversary (January 2009). from (reprint from 2009) 
Sick bats, from 2010
Milk Skeleton, from 2010
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Guild Page Changes (November 2008), from 2010 (reprint from 2009)