Enter only if you dare.

But first, dare get a rundown on bat diseases. Dare to answer a few questions and maybe even dare to spray down your boots.

After a two-year closure, it looks like Maquoketa Caves will be open for exploration in April. But those who dare to enter will have to pass a screening to guard against the spread of White Nose Syndrome, a potentially deadly bat fungus (deadly to bats).

The caves were shut down two years ago because of concerns about White Nose. The fungus has yet to be found in Iowa, and in the meantime, Maquoketa’s tourism plummeted.

So this week, media accounts outlined a proposal to educate, quiz and decontaminate visitors before they enter the caves. Those who pass get a cool wristband.

More about the plan to re-open is here. And here is one of our earlier pieces on the closure.