Have you seen this man? INTERPOL seeks help in tracking down mosaic pieces looted from tumultuous Syria.

INTERPOL is throwing it’s weight behind the search for missing mosaic pieces and warning of threats to cultural artifacts as unrest continues in Syria, which is currently the fifth season of its Arab Spring uprising.

“INTERPOL calls on the particular vigilance of its 190 member countries as to the risk of illicit trafficking in cultural goods from Syria and neighbouring countries,” officials with the international police agency said in a release this week (yes, they had the “U” in neighbouring).

“Roman ruins, archaeological sites, historic premises and places of worship are particularly vulnerable to destruction, damages, theft and looting during this period of turmoil,” the release continued.

INTERPOL’s general secretariat drew particular attention to mosaics stolen from the ruins of Afamya in the city of Hama, and said the agency will include information about stolen artworks and cultural goods in its database.