Rangers investigating the fatal mauling of a wildlife photographer at Denali National Park in Alaska have determined the grizzly bear that killed him was about 60 yards when he noticed the man.

Richard White, 49 of San Diego, was backpacking Aug. 24 when he was attacked by the bear, which was later killed by park officials.

Investigators returned to the scene Tuesday, Aug. 28, and plotted White’s location with the help of the final pictures on his camera, according to the Park Service.

The first photos of the bear were shot at a distance of 75 yards, and at that time, the bear had its head down in the vegetation, apparently browsing on berries. The last five photos show the bear’s head was up, looking at and moving toward the backpacker, according to the Park Service.

Backcountry Unit 10, a 50-square-mile area where the attack took place, will remain closed for the next few days for continued monitoring and investigation.