Looking to dive the clear, clean waters of Crater Lake National Park in Oregon? You will have to wait.

Last week, the park temporarily closed the lake to scuba and other dive gear because of concerns that too many people undertaking underwater exploration will cloud the waters with alien life.

“We have seen the devastation to ecosystems and economies caused by the inadvertent introduction of invasive species from Lake Mead to Lake Erie,” park superintendent Craig Ackerman said. “We want to prevent it from happening at Crater Lake rather than deal with the aftermath.The increasing popularity of the lake for scuba diving also increases the opportunities for divers and their gear to carry microscopic ‘hitchhikers’ into the water.They may be small, but damage that can be caused by aquatic invasives is enormous and oftentimes irreversible.”

The feared hitchhikers Ackeman referred to include quagga mussels, spiny water flea and viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus. Officials said they muscle out native species and can cause permanent damage to the lakes ecosystem.

According to the National Park Serice, the species are controlled by predators and parasites in their natural habitats. But, in new environments like Crater Lake, those natural checks are often absent, giving the visitors an advantage over native species.

Crater Lake’s scuba moratorium will remain in effect until the Park Service can setup protocols are to guard against the risk of contamination. They should be in place by the beginning of the 2013 season, officials said.