Photo courtesy of the FBI

This week’s stolen art spotlight is a
little behind schedule because we have been busy and the ship came in late.
Which brings us the missing object of the week — the only item currently
listed in the FBI’s National Stolen Art File under the “boat” heading. It is
actually a little silver model of a sailboat with wheels.

doesn’t offer any background on the missing ship, but our research shows it was
likely one of 10 German Silver pieces swiped during a burglary at the Royal
Museum of Art and History in Brussels, Belgium. The burglars used a duplicate
key to enter after hours on night in February 1997 and make off with $1.3
million worth of silver and ivory object dating as far back as the 16th Century,
according to a Reuters article.

Vital Stats
model of a boat, Augsburg, 16th-19th Century
Description: Stolen

Category: Boats
Maker: Germany
Materials: silver
33.50 x 32.50 cm
Period: 16th-19th century
Additional Information: boat;
model sailboat

For more information and to report recovered objects in
the NSAF, contact:

National Stolen Art File Art Theft Program, Room
Federal Bureau of Investigation
935 Pennsylvania Ave.,
Washington, DC 20535