Department of Justice officials have announced another plea in their ongoing investigation into rhino horn trafficking dubbed Operation Crash. This time, a Chinese businessman pleaded guilty to paying an associate to smuggle a libation cup carved out of horn out of the United States and into China.

According to authorities, Shusen Wei, 45, and the alleged smuggler roomed together at the Original Miami Beach Antique Show in January. The official release continues:

In pleading guilty, Wei admitted that he paid commissions to this other individual to purchase objects made of rhino horn in the United States and smuggle them to China and that he knew that this individual was engaged in the smuggling of protected species of wildlife, including rhinoceros horn and elephant ivory. Wei also knew that this individual had paid bribes to Chinese customs officials to assist in his smuggling.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service agents discovered Wei bought libation cups made from carved rhinoceros horns from this same man, and one of those items was sold at a U.S. auction house for $242,500. Photographs of carved rhinoceros horns were found on Wei’s cell phone, authorities said.