We have been looking to find more information on the recently recovered Rosenberg diary.

Last week, we wrote about the seizure of the journals of Nazi leader Alfred Rosenberg in Delaware. The writings have been missing since shortly after Rosenberg’s war crimes trial following World War II. They were allegedly taken by a former Nuremberg and then surfaced earlier this year.

What happened after the disappearance and before the discovery is vague, as are the circumstanced behind their recovery.

We were able to find is posted below — the warrant signed a federal judge authorizing the seizure, and the return filed by a federal agent after the papers were seized. Court records indicate the case was initiated in April 2013, and the warrant was OKed on April 18. It was executed that same day. On June 11, the warrant and return were unsealed, and they remain the only records open to public inspection.

Records show two other documents were filed with the court before the warrant, and those remain sealed.

The warrant and return don’t have much to add. But there are photocopies of several hand- and typewritten pages in German that are apparently parts of the diary.

Rosenberg Diary warrant return by Skulldiggers Guild