Glacier National Park Rangers recovered the body of a 21-year old male from Davie, Fla., Tuesday evening, July 9, on Apikuni Mountain in the northeast area of the park. The individual was climbing the mountain with three other climbers when he fell approximately 1,000 feet to his death.

At approximately 11:15 a.m. on Tuesday, park dispatch received a report from an individual calling from the Many Glacier Entrance Station that a member of their climbing party fell. The climbers could not see or reach the fallen climber, and indicated that he was not responding to any communication. The area in which the fall took place is very steep, with cliffs and rocky terrain.

Park rangers traveled to the vicinity of the incident by helicopter while other rangers conducted aerial reconnaissance to search for the climber. At approximately 6 p.m. the body of the climber was found. A helicopter and specialized short-haul rescue team from Parks Canada assisted park rangers to recover the body.

Witness statements indicate that four individuals departed from the Many Glacier area for Apikuni Mountain at approximately 7:45 a.m. Tuesday. All four members of the climbing party are employees of the park’s concessioner Glacier Park, Inc. and work at the Many Glacier Hotel. Apikuni Mountain is located a few miles north of the hotel.

Short haul is an emergency rescue tool. It involves a rescuer being carried on a rope from a hovering helicopter to a victim below. The rescuer rigs a harness to the victim or places the victim in a litter basket and the helicopter lifts both to safety a short distance away.