In honor of the government shutdown, Assorted Skullduggery is taking the opportunity to post one of the federal government’s more interesting reports.

Entitled “Encyclopedia of Ethical Failure,” this 163-page document gives synopses of hundreds of schemes, scams and rip-offs perpetrated by government employees and contractors. The tome was assembled by the Department of Defense’s Standards of Conduct Office, apparently to show examples of misconduct its consequences, as opposed to being a how-to manual.

Some of the highlights include:

Page 105 — Loading up all the office computers and selling them at a garage sale with government markings still attached.

Page 108 — Leaving $2 million worth of government cocaine unattended during lunch.

No editorial statements are inferred by the timing here. We’ve had the report on our Scribd page (link) for months and just haven’t had a chance to highlight it here until now.


Problems viewing it in your browser? Here’s a direct link.