canyon_trailRegular readers may have noticed a dearth of orginal material as of late. That’s because we’ve been busy with our own little boatlift, moving all the crazy crap from our old Quick Blogcast site ( to our WordPress site (

Some of you may have noticed we’ve been simulcasting the content for some time, posting entries in both spots before completely phasing in WordPress.

Our busy work now involves transferring the older Blogcast pieces that were never before posted through WordPress and getting rid of a few redundancies.

So in short, is going away. But you can still catch us at, which is where you can find all your old favorites. Our main site,, will remain the same.

The reason for the change? The company that offers Blogcast, after years of neglecting the platform, has decided to do away with it. It will go totally dark in late June. Our switch has been contemplated for some time, in fact we’ve been mulling it over since before the announcement that Blogcast would be pulled. We started the WordPress mirror site as an experiment to test different features and tap into a different audience, and we quickly found it was more versatile than Blogcast.

So keep reading, and drop a line to let us know what you think. Send us an email, leave a comment, or press a “like” button.