Rangers at Great Smoky Mountains National Park seized 870 ginseng roots and caught three poachers during an investigation in July.

  According to the National Park Service’s Morning Report, the rangers caught the suspects red handed (actually, their hands and clothes were dirty from crawling around) after two hour of surveillance. Authorities also noticed digging tools in their car and found sacks with the ginseng roots, which totalled 5 pounds.

At this year’s rate of $850 to $1,000 per pound of wild ginseng root, the lowball estimate on the seizure would be $4,250.

A week earlier, the same rangers recovered 28 roots after spotting two men with a digging tool in the park.

 Over the past year, Smoky Mountains National Park rangers seized 2,345 illegally harvested ginseng roots from the North Carolina and Tennessee sides of the park and arrested 26 people.