(C) 2015 J.S. Reinitz

(C) 2015 J.S. Reinitz

The photograph needs a little explaining. There is a sign announcing the opening of a Starbucks, and there is a Starbucks building across the street from the sign.

Here’s the catch: The sign isn’t for the store in the photo, that Starbucks has been around for years. The sign is for the new Starbucks that just opened in the grocery store off camera, right behind the photographer.

So, to recap, the grocery store Starbucks just opened across the street from the standalone Starbucks. People driving down the road will see a Starbucks on one side and a sign for the other Starbucks on the other side.

Also of interest is the book store two doors down from the supermarket that serves Starbucks coffee, and the big-box retailer just over the hill behind the standalone that has a Starbucks in it.

I still like Starbucks, but I will probably stick with dedicated coffee house location. And I will continue to buy my groceries at the grocery store and not at the coffee shop.