Saturday morning

I took another bike ride in light rain under cloudy skies. Here’s a list of people I passed:

— Two residentially challenged cyclists breaking camp on the bike trail.

— A couple out for a morning ride.

— A church youth group setting up for a car wash fundraiser. Now that’s faith.
Thursday night

Last night, thunderstorms had just finished rolling through after two days of on-and-off rain. Sometimes hard, driving rain. Everything was soaked — the streets, the grass, the leaves in the trees — and there was still a constant spray in the air.

Heading out for a quick trip to the grocery store, I walked into the cold air and across the wet lawn to the garage. Unlocked the door, turned on the light and glanced at my car. Then glanced at my bike parked a foot from the front bumper.

I weighed my options and chose for the cold, wet, invigorating bike ride in the dark.