What happens when I find an old railroad signal platform in the woods?

If it’s not too rusty, I’m going climb it.

The weathered pole, complete with light housing, blended in with the trees, hiding until we were right next to it.

The fact it had a ladder made the decision to climb a no brainer, at least for me. My 8-year-old daughter took one look at the structure and decided to remain on the ground. Smart girl there.

From the looks of the elevation and the straightness, the path we had been following used to be a train track, and we had been seeing rotting wooden utility poles mixed in with the trees at regular intervals.

The narrow ladder proved to be sturdier than I expected, as was the top landing and thin guard rail. Sturdy stuff. They don’t make things like this any more. Neglected for decades and still strong as ever. The light housing opened like a mailbox, all of the internal wiring was gone, replaced by an abandoned bird’s nest.