Vanquest Husky with loadout.

Here is a quick look at the EDC pouch I keep in my all-purpose Swiss Gear 2-liter Dash Pack — 

Pouch: Vanquest Husky EDC Maximizer — plenty of room. I like the orange interior fabric, makes the items stand out, easy to find. Elastic bands keep everything in place.

Kershaw Shuffle 2 folding knife — a robust blade with a screwdriver/pry tool pomel and a bottle opener.

Gerber Tempo flashlight — durable, single battery, LED gives good light. 

Mini Bic lighter — always dependable.

Gerber Dime multi tool — plyers and a few other tools in a small package.

iPod 4th Gen with Otterbox case

Zebra F-701 pen — a solid pen.

Button compass

Piccadilly Pocket memo book — plenty of pages.

Bandage carrier

Lens cloth