My gaming group be like … 

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A year or so ago, I started running games for my teenage son and his friends. Nothing fancy, just old-school pencil and paper and dice using outdated rules. I try to keep it simple to speed play along, and they are pretty good at focusing, for a group of Millennials. But every now and then … 


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  I’m not sure Amazon’s recommended items knows much about children’s lit.

Video: Man vs Air Travel

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After taking on the elements, the wild and cable television, survival celebrity Gear Grylls is teaching the public how to overcome air travel. In this 4-minute PSA (20 minutes with buffering) Grylls walks the viewer through flight etiquette.

Karate commercial

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We just had to post this one for all our Fist of Goodness buddies. This is not an endorsement, but if DirecTV wants to pay us for the placement, we won’t turn down the check.

Vader Scarecrow


Darth Vader entry at Fall Fest scarecrow auction.

Zoltar’s ticket

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Thoughts on the bomb

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Recently some construction workers who were demolishing the old neighborhood munitions plant stumbled upon some leftover product. Curious about the watermelon-sized canister, they pulled it out of the rubble to get a better look at it and noticed the word “warhead” stamped on the end.

It was time to call the bomb squad, although in doing so they missed an opportunity to finish up their job in record time. Military-grade ordnance can do in seconds what takes days with wrecking balls and earthmovers.

While authorities formulated a game plan, police babysat the bomb at the plant. This was good because the last thing you want is to have some local hoods jumping the fence and swiping it.

A few days later they roll it into a convenience store at one in the morning and demand to have the cash register opened.

“Hand over all the money. I’m not afraid to use this,” they shout.

“All we have is fifty dollars in change,” the clerk responds.

“OK, hand over all the money and a carton of smokes,” they say, effectively doubling their loot.

Then they roll the bomb out of the store and drive off. They light up to celebrate, and crime solves itself a few minutes later when they snuff out one of the stolen cigarettes on the warhead. It goes off leaving only a huge crater and smoldering roll of pennies.

As it turned out, the warhead was just a casing. It was never packed with explosives.



I usually don’t repost other people’s stuff, but I heard this while listening to This American Life on a pod cast and couldn’t quit laughing. I just have to pass it along.

Check out the video about the newest drug scare… Click Here

Taser? I hardly know her

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New words are always fun to explore. Take the new police weapon, the Taser. What is the verb? Is it “tasered?” Or “tased?” Or how about “shocked with a Taser?” It’s a proper noun, but is the verb capitalized?

Another interesting thing is that it’s often misspelled with a Z … Tazer.

Here’s an easy way to remember the proper spelling — Taser stands for Thomas A. Swift Electric Rifle. For those who are too young to remember (that would be everyone), Tom Swift was a series of young adult books penned in the early 1900s.

Filled with antiquated notions of minorities and aboriginal peoples, the dime store novels feature the exploits of Tom Swift, an inventer of futuristic gadgets who hops the globe in his state-of-the-art airship to find adventure.

On one of his journeys, he field tests an electric rifle (photo and more info ).

As long as we are on the subject, Tom Swift’s author forecast a number of other inventions that have come to pass (see novels “Tom Swift and His Wireless Message,” and “Tom Swift and His Photo Telephone”).

Another Tom Swift prototype — the TASGC — was tested by police, who later abandoned the idea after finding it had limited law enforcement use (photo and more info ).

Fresh brewed? According to the placard, it’s flammable.