Officials at Glacier National Park have closed a trail following a reported bear attack over the weekend.

Park officials are also reminding hikers about bear countermeasures in the wake of Saturday’s encounter on the Mount Brown Lookout Trail.

“Park visitors are encouraged to carry, and know how to properly use, bear spray as a deterrent for a charging grizzly bear,” authorities said. “No single deterrent is 100 percent effective, but compared to all others, including firearms, proper use of bear spray has proven to be the best method for fending off threatening and attacking bears, and for preventing injury to the person and animal involved.”

Hikers are also cautioned to travel in groups, make noise to eliminate surprise meetings and remain alert near berry patches and other feeding areas.

According to the initial park service account, a 57-year-old hiker from Texas was hiking alone on the trail at about 9:30 a.m. when a bear charged him from an area below the trail. The hiker sprayed the bear and fired one shot from his handgun, apparently striking it, and the bear fled.

The hiker, who wasn’t injured, turned around and headed out warning others as he went. Rangers closed the trail and began searching for the bear.

Glacier is home to both grizzly and black bears, but it wasn’t clear which species was involved in Saturday’s incident.

The law allows national park visits to carry firearms, but it is against the law to fire them.