Don’t buy this painting. A Dutch museum got hit earlier this week, and one of the pieces stolen was Monet’s Waterloo Bridge (above, complements of Interpol). Below is the Interpol release on the heist:

INTERPOL issues alert following theft of paintings from Kunsthal Museum in The Netherlands 16 Oct. 2012

Interpol has alerted its member countries following the theft of seven paintings, including a Picasso, a Matisse and two Monets, during an overnight burglary (15 -16 October, 2012) at the Kunsthal Museum in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

The stolen paintings, which will be registered in Interpol’s Stolen Works of Art database, have been identified as follows;

Harlequin Head (1971) – Pablo Picasso

Reading Girl in White and Yellow (1919) – Henri Matisse

Waterloo Bridge, London (1901) – Claude Monet

Charing Cross Bridge, London (1901) – Claude Monet

Girl in Front of Open Window (1988) – Paul Gauguin

Self-Portrait (1889 – ’91) – Meyer de Haan

Woman with Eyes Closed (2002) – Lucian Freud

In addition to being available to National Central Bureaus in all Interpol190 member countries, access to the database, which currently contains the latest information on some 40,000 items, is also available for registered public users such as cultural and professional bodies, including Ministries of Culture, museums, auction houses, art galleries, foundations and collectors.